How to make it happen

Give us a call or send us an email and we will respond immediately or on the next working day.

Site visit
It is necessary in most cases for us to visit the site to make a comprehensive assessment of the project. On this visit we will spend at least one hour discussing your needs and aspirations; and we will advise you on the spot of any issues you are likely to encounter with town planning or statutory approvals (in some cases we may need to investigate some of these issues by liaising with other qualified professionals). We will also advise with regards to likely geotechnical and structural engineering requirements, and give you an estimate on the cost. We will give you an on the spot written quotation for the architectural design and documentation.

When you accept your quote

Contract and deposit
We will prepare and sign a BDAQ contract with you, setting out the details of your requirements including a 'client brief' and our terms and conditions. We will require a deposit which will be discussed with you prior to signing the contract.

Sit investigation and measure
Generally within 7-10 days of signing the contract we will measure the site and structure and obtain survey plan, drainage and bi-map contour plans if required.

Preliminary plans
Unless the project is a simple deck or carport it will likely require a process of designer/client liaison. Initially, existing plans are drawn on CAD from the site measure, these are then developed out into basic 'preliminary plans' which generally consist of floor plans and elevations in their basic form with notations to assist in understanding the proposal. Once preliminary plans are developed from the client brief, a meeting will be required in our office to discuss any changes or variations to these preliminary plans.

Changes/adjustments to plans
Depending on the changes to the plans, it may be necessary to repeat the meeting process until you are satisfied that the initial concept reflects the client brief. Our contract allows for a number of changes to the plans. It is in our best interest to ensure that the client brief is satisfied ideally at this first meeting.

Working documents
Once the preliminary plans have been agreed to, the process of working documentation takes place.

How long will it all take
We generally allow 30 working days from start to finish of most projects; but this will obviously be dependant on the work load at the time of the contract.

Plans completed
Once the plans have been finalised, they can be forwarded to the various consultants for a firm quote for their professional services. A number of sets of working drawings will be provided to you for construction purposes.

We will be available to liaise with any contracted consultants as necessary, if required we will provide CAD documents to them to assist in their professional services. Any necessary forms will be provided.

Final payment
Once working drawings have been completed, a final invoice will be issued showing the amount outstanding. We will require payment for the final plans prior to issue.

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